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Rebecca Wilder


Rebecca works as a macroeconomist and fixed income portfolio manager.

Before working in finance and fixed income portfolio management, Rebecca was an academic with fields of expertise in international finance and macroeconomics. She received her Ph.D. in 2004 and took a position as an assistant professor at a West Coast state university. Ultimately, she favored finance and research over teaching, taking her career into the private sector.

In her spare time, Rebecca has offered regular commentary on all global macroeconomic issues since 2007 on her weblog, News N Economics. Recently, she renamed the weblog The Wilder View. Her current focus centers on the economics of the euro area and the sovereign debt crisis. Historically, though, she has tackled other topics in international macroeconomics, including theses on emerging market economies and US monetary policy.

The thoughts, opinions, and views expressed on The Wilder View are Rebecca's and not of her employer.

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