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  • India’s Growth Paradox

    On August 15, India celebrated 63 years of independence. Many hail it as an economic powerhouse but also point to the lopsidedness of its growth. Despite being home to some of the world’s leading technology companies, poverty is still widespread, physical and social infrastructure still woefully inadequate, employment opportunities still limited, and access to basic and higher education still insufficient. Nearly 40 percent of the population is still illiterate, and 25 percent is below the poverty line. India ranks 133rd (out of 183 countries) on the World Bank’s ease of doing business index—169th on starting a business and 182nd on enforcing contracts—way behind several countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. As Edward Luce observed in his In Spite of the Gods: The Rise of Modern India, “India finds itself higher on the ladder than one would expect it to be. It is just that most of its people are still sitting at the bottom.”

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  • Does Russia Belong in the BRICs?

    Uniquely BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) has become a political grouping after having been invented by Jim O’Neill at Goldman Sachs. In June 2009, Russia organized the first BRIC summit, but will it hold?

    The emerging economies will soon account for most of the world economy. We are at a crossroads of world history, as Oswald Spengler caught in his pessimistic 1918 book Der Untergang des Abendlandes or Paul Kennedy in his 1988 book The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers.

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  • Dr. Singh of India Comes to Town

    Hard on the heels of his tour of China—a visit that produced mixed results and even more mixed reviews—President Obama welcomes Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to the White House in the first state visit of his presidency. For both Mr. Obama and Dr. Singh, the trip will be important symbolically, politically, and economically—even if it […]

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  • India: New Letter and Spirit

    Op-ed in Business Standard, New Delhi October 28, 2009 Never mind that it was a confidential communication. Never mind too that the establishment came down on him and crushed any possibility of his private views translating into public policy. Never mind, in short, that it is back to the status quo with a vengeance. The […]

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  • Climate Change—Winning the Narrative

    Op-ed in the Business Standard, New Delhi  Narratives matter. Not just for creating and sustaining nationhood as Isaiah Berlin famously argued. They also matter critically in international negotiations. At the moment, India is not winning the battle of the narrative on climate change. And that’s a worry. The situation on climate change is somewhat reminiscent […]

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  • Benefits of More Trade Between South Asian Rivals

    Mohsin S. Khan argues that India and Pakistan have much to gain from putting aside their hostilities and increasing economic cooperation and trade. Recorded July 13, 2009. © Peterson Institute for International Economics. Steve Weisman: This is Steve Weisman at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. Mohsin Khan, senior fellow at the Institute is here […]

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