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  • North Korea’s Surprising Steps: ‘Modest’ Progress

    In the wake of the death of Kim Jong-il, there were questions as to whether anyone was in charge in Pyongyang.  Now we know that someone is capable of making decisions and their first one constitutes a conciliatory (indeed, concessionary), not belligerent, gesture. The agreement does not completely freeze the North Korean nuclear program but […]

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  • Iran’s Food Supply Gets Pinched

    Washington and Brussels are trying to curb Iranian oil revenue in a bid to convince Tehran to abandon its nuclear weapons program. But it appears financial sanctions imposed by the West are having a more immediate impact on what Iran buys from abroad rather than what it sells. Reports this week suggest Iranian companies are […]

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  • The Fallout on Pakistan from the Killing of Osama Bin Laden

    By Mohsin S. Khan and Raza Agha The killing of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, on the night of May 2 has raised a host of questions about the implications of the operation for Pakistan.  First, for the United States the main question is how the most wanted terrorist in the world could have […]

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  • Will Sanctions Against Iran Work This Time?

    Jeffrey J. Schott says carefully targeted sanctions could impede Iran’s nuclear program and energy infrastructure, but they are unlikely to change Iranian leaders’ political agenda. Steve Weisman: A deadline for Iran to comply with a request to suspend its uranium enrichment has come and gone as of January 2010. This is Steve Weisman at the […]

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  • Escalating Tensions with North Korea

    Marcus Noland cautions that more political, economic, and military pressure on North Korea could push the regime in Pyongyang toward more provocative behavior. Recorded July 9, 2009. © Peterson Institute for International Economics. Steve Weisman: This is Steve Weisman at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. Our guest on Peterson Perspectives is Marc Noland, senior […]

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