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  • Stop Sticking Our Heads in the Sand! A Plan for Action on Jobs

    Despite the claim that previous weeks’  jobs numbers were “better than expected,” they were in fact an abysmal indictment of US economic policy over the past two years. The unemployment rate has remained near or above 9 percent for 28 consecutive months, a policy failure not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Unfortunately, […]

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  • Can a Debt Ceiling Be Sensible? The Case of Denmark II

    In response to many inquiries prompted by my previous posting about the debt ceiling in Denmark, I thought it sensible to add a few more details about the origins of the Danish debt ceiling and how and why it has been changed over the years. The Danish debt ceiling was first instituted by law in […]

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  • Tax Reform and Consumption-Based Tax Systems

    Congressional testimony submitted to the US House Ways and Means Committee hearing on “Tax Reform and Consumption-based Tax Systems” July 26, 2011 This testimony draws on joint work with Peter Boone and James Kwak. Underlined text indicates links to supplementary material; please see also, where we also provide daily updates and detailed policy assessments […]

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