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  • Washington and Kiev: Progress and Problems

    On July 7, three prominent Washington think tanks — the Atlantic Council, the Brookings Institution and the Peterson Institute for International Economics — organized a big conference on Challenges and Impact of Governance in Ukraine. It was held at the Peterson Institute in Washington. This conference attracted no fewer than 300 participants, including 50 representatives […]

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  • Trichet and the ECB Learn to Live with an SD Rating

    Normally attempts at “Kremlinological interpretations” of policymakers’ every word should be avoided. When an institution like the European Central Bank suggests  a critical policy change during the Q&A session of its regular press conference, observers are left with little choice. A closer analysis of what Jean Claude Trichet said at his July 7 press conference1, […]

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  • The G-20’s Action Plan on Food Price Volatility and Agriculture

    The G-20 Agriculture Ministers met in Paris last June 22 and 23 to tackle the issue of food price volatility with the goal to improve food security. The Ministerial Declaration “Action Plan on Food Price Volatility and Agriculture” is a 24-page document whose main objectives are: 1) improve agricultural production and productivity to respond to […]

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  • Greece Does the Right Thing, After Another Turbulent Week in the Euro Area

    A deadline before a deadline before a deadline. The political brinkmanship in the euro area crisis has clearly reached new levels in recent weeks, culminating in the vote in Greece’s Parliament on June 29 to accept a tough austerity package in return for new loans to avert a default. The vote demonstrated that for all […]

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