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  • Nouriel Roubini Speaks at NYFA 2013: Is Africa’s Robust Growth Sustainable?

    Over 600 business and political leaders gathered recently in Libreville, Gabon, to debate and help shape Africa’s road map. RGE Chairman Nouriel Roubini shared his perspective on what the future holds for this region and provided policy guidance. As attendees looked at whether the increasingly robust economic growth in Africa is sustainable, Roubini talked about […]

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  • Nouriel at Davos: Global Tail Risks Remain

    Speaking with CNN’s Poppy Harlow at Davos, RGE Chairman Nouriel Roubini reiterated the biggest outlying risks to the global economy: U.S. fiscal woes, the eurozone sovereign debt crisis, a potential China hard landing, and geopolitical risk in the Middle East. Nouriel argued that the worst scenario need to materialize for a meaningful impact on global […]

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  • Nouriel: Politics Will Define 2013

    Speaking with Christine Freeland of the New York Times, Nouriel Roubini described the shift from a market focus on risk in 2012 to a worldwide recognition that political action—European elections, partisan U.S. fiscal battles, Middle East unrest, Chinese and Japanese political transitions—will shape the economic and financial landscape in 2013, contingent on unconventional policy responses […]

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  • The Year of Betting Conservatively

    The upswing in global equity markets that started in July is now running out of steam, which comes as no surprise: with no significant improvement in growth prospects in either the advanced or major emerging economies, the rally always seemed to lack legs. If anything, the correction might have come sooner, given disappointing macroeconomic data […]

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  • Scary Oil

    From Project Syndicate: Today’s fragile global economy faces many risks: the risk of another flare-up of the eurozone crisis; the risk of a worse-than-expected slowdown in China; and the risk that economic recovery in the United States will fizzle (yet again). But no risk is more serious than that posed by a further spike in […]

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  • The Uptick’s Downside

    From Project Syndicate: Since late last year, a series of positive developments has boosted investor confidence and led to a sharp rally in risky assets, starting with global equities and commodities. Macroeconomic data from the United States improved; blue-chip companies in advanced economies remained highly profitable; China and emerging markets slowed only moderately; and the […]

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  • The Economic Consequences of the Arab Revolt

    From Project Syndicate:

    Political turmoil in the Middle East has powerful economic and financial implications, particularly as it increases the risk of stagflation, a lethal combination of slowing growth and sharply rising inflation. Indeed, should stagflation emerge, there is a serious risk of a double-dip recession for a global economy that has barely emerged from its worst crisis in decades.

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  • Roubini Media Reports: Double Dip Recession if Oil Hits $140

    Bloomberg — Roubini Sees Double Dip for Advanced States If Oil Hits $140  Economic Times — Uncertainties to Impact Global Economy, Markets: Roubini Arabian Business — Middle East Economies Could Take ‘Decade’ to Recover All rights reserved, Roubini GlobalEconomics, LLC. Opinions expressed on RGE EconoMonitors are those of individual analysts and may or may not […]

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  • Stagflationary Risks Rise from the Arab Street

    The upheaval in Tunisia and now Egypt has important economic and financial implications. About two-thirds of the world’s proven oil reserves and almost half of its gas reserves are in the Middle East; geopolitical risk in the region is thus a source of spikes in oil prices that have global consequences.

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  • CNBC Roubini Interviews and Reports: Egypt Contagion Risks, U.S. Bond Vigilantes

    CNBC — Roubini on Egypt Contagion Risks (Click for Video)


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