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  • Roubini on CNBC’s Squawk Box – U.S. Economic Outlook and European Stress Tests

    CNBC Squawk Box — Roubini’s Economic Outlook (Click for VIDEO [2:58]) CNBC — What to expect for the second half of the year, with Nouriel Roubini, Roubini Global Economics chairman. ———————————- CNBC Squawk Box — Getting Real with “the Realist” (Click for VIDEO [11:17])   CNBC — Why the European stress tests were not stressful […]

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  • Roubini on Imus in the Morning

    FoxBusinessNetwork on YouTube — “Crisis Economics” author Dr. Nouriel Roubini on the mounting government debt in part due to the bailouts and his 5 favorite songs (Click for Video)   All rights reserved, Roubini GlobalEconomics, LLC

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  • Roubini CNBC Interview on the Economy

    CNBC — Wall Street’s Fear Gauge (Click for Video 7:38)   CNBC — The VIX is trading at the bottom of its two-year range, a possible signal that fear is leaving the market. Paul Britton, of the Capstone Holdings Group, and Nouriel Roubini, of Roubini Global Economics, share their insight. All rights reserved, Roubini Global […]

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  • Nothing “Perverse” about the Flight to Bonds

    The renowned CIO of Legg Mason, Bill Miller, has written an opinion piece in the FT today, criticizing investor preferences for bonds over equities, as demonstrated by the re-direction of equity fund flows toward bond funds. He believes that things are getting better, based on GDP numbers, credit spreads, and the level of bond re-financing. These are not, in our view, good indicators. GDP figures are, at best, inconclusive; the inventory cycle contributed 3.4 pp of the 5.7% Q4 GDP number and the other 2.3 pp is likely substantially stimulus-related. Furthermore, we could expect support from net exports to decline thanks to the rally in the dollar and the underlying causes of the risk aversion that drove it, i.e. the need for demand hitting fiscal adjustment in the eurozone periphery. Credit spreads have been distorted by extraordinary liquidity measures and a lack of imposed losses on debtholders and the level of bond re-financing reflects manufactured and unsustainably low rates. A constructive view on equities, in our view, necessarily assumes above-average inflation and good growth and underestimates the risk of a double-dip. This assumption stands in stark contrast with RGE’s forecast for anemic growth in the developed economies and glosses over significant slack in labor markets and excess capacity across sectors and regions.  

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  • Sovereign Risk Meets Sovereign Reality

    Editors Note – This Wall Street Journal Op-Ed is drawn from a more extensive piece of research, How to Avoid a Greek Tragedy in Europe, provided earlier this week to RGE’s clients.  

    After months of shrugging off debt problems in Dubai, Greece and other smaller economies, markets yesterday seemed suddenly aware of the risks of sovereign default.

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  • Roubini’s Latest Project Syndicate Op-Ed: The Gold Bubble and the Gold Bugs

    From  Project Syndicate:

    NEW YORK – Gold prices have been rising sharply, breaching the $1,000 barrier and in recent weeks rising towards $1,200 an ounce and above. Today’s “gold bugs” argue that the price could top $2,000. But the recent price surge looks suspiciously like a bubble, with the increase only partly justified by economic fundamentals.

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  • Bloomberg Reports Roubini in Good Company as Investor with Most Wisdom

    From Bloomberg: Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) — The Oracle of Omaha retains his pre-eminence as a market visionary, outshining a new wave of financial strategists and the best-known central bankers. Billionaire investor Warren Buffett, chairman and chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., is regarded as the best assessor of financial markets by a plurality of […]

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