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  • Welcome to my new Global Macro Blog

    Dear Reader,

    today I am starting my Blog that will cover and discuss international macroeconomic topics, the wide range of international macro policy issues that you are familiar with in my Global Macro Web Site. This site has been around since 1997 and was ranked as the #1 Web site in Economics in the world by The Economist magazine in 1999 (one of the many awards the site has received over the years). Since then we have regularly added new topics, countries and subject matters. And by now, the site has over 150,000 unique visitors per quarter from all over the world, a quite remarkable achievement. Your comments and suggestions for new topics and subjects would be most welcome to me. I look forward to regularly (hopefully daily) add commentary on global macro policy in this blog. Your comments and feedback will give us an opportunity to start a dialogue on these important subject matters that are currently not seriously covered by any blog I know of. So, stay tuned and let us start the fun!

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