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  • Nouriel: Indonesia Still a Compelling EM Story

    In Indonesia to speak at the NYSE, Nouriel noted Indonesia’s continuing strong performance among emerging markets. In the two years since Nouriel loudly advocated Indonesia’s status as a major EM, Russia has indeed suffered numerous macro and political setbacks, while Indonesia has continued a process of solid fiscal and macro policy, for laudable growth. The […]

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  • Fiddling at the Fire

    Financial markets have rallied since July on the hope that the global economic and geopolitical outlook will not worsen, or, if it does, that central banks stand ready to backstop economies and markets with additional rounds of liquidity provision and quantitative easing. So, not only has good – or better-than-expected – economic news boosted the […]

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  • Nouriel on Draghi’s Plan: It Could Weaken EUR in Longer Run

    Nouriel speaks on Bloomberg about Mario Draghi’s bond-buying plan, the future of the euro and the Fed’s plans this week and ahead of the election. Roubini: Here’s My Blueprint for the Future

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