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Jim O’Neil and Nouriel Roubini on Global Economic Recovery

In case you missed it, from Bloomberg, March 30, 2012:

Goldman Sachs Asset Management Chairman Jim O’Neill and Roubini Global Economics Chairman Nouriel Roubini discuss the European debt crisis, oil prices and the outlook for the U.S. economy.


2 Responses to “Jim O’Neil and Nouriel Roubini on Global Economic Recovery”

benleetApril 11th, 2012 at 7:45 pm

The best article I've read about Europe was published at Dollars and Sense magazine where they place the origin of the crisis on the changing trade balances between Germany and periphery countries since 2002.
Roubini published, with others, The Way Forward, in Oct. 2011, at New America Foundation where he advocates a $1.2 trillion public jobs creation project over 5 years. Between 1933-1937 the unemployment rate dropped from 25% to 9.6% (see New Deal 2.0, Aug. 30, 2010, What We Should Learn from the Great Depression" by Marshall Auerback) It's time to shrug off austerity thinking. My blog is