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  • Europe’s Short Vacation

    Since last November, the European Central Bank, under its new president, Mario Draghi, has reduced its policy rates and undertaken two injections of more than €1 trillion of liquidity into the eurozone banking system. This led to a temporary reduction in the financial strains confronting the debt endangered countries on the eurozone’s periphery (Greece, Spain, […]

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  • Jim O’Neil and Nouriel Roubini on Global Economic Recovery

    In case you missed it, from Bloomberg, March 30, 2012: Goldman Sachs Asset Management Chairman Jim O’Neill and Roubini Global Economics Chairman Nouriel Roubini discuss the European debt crisis, oil prices and the outlook for the U.S. economy.  

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  • A Divorce Settlement for the Eurozone

    From the FT: The European Central Bank has averted disaster, sparking a powerful relief rally – but nothing fundamental has been resolved. Greece may need another debt restructuring; Portugal and Ireland may need restructuring too. Spain and Italy may yet come under the gun. Banking crises are hardly ever resolved without removing toxic assets or […]

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