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  • Scary Oil

    From Project Syndicate: Today’s fragile global economy faces many risks: the risk of another flare-up of the eurozone crisis; the risk of a worse-than-expected slowdown in China; and the risk that economic recovery in the United States will fizzle (yet again). But no risk is more serious than that posed by a further spike in […]

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  • Roubini Bremmer FP Interview: $200 Oil and the Moscow-Beijing Alliance

    From FP: An exclusive conversation with Nouriel Roubini and Ian Bremmer on the toll of war with Iran — and why China and Russia just don’t care anymore what the United States thinks of them. It’s a mixed bag these days. Europe appears to have arrested its fall into the abyss and the U.S. economy […]

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  • CNBC Video and Report – Portugal to Fall, Greece to Leave Euro Zone: Roubini

    CNBC — Portugal is likely to be the next to restructure its debt and exit the euro zone, economist Nouriel Roubini predicted on CNBC Friday. There are several euro-zone countries in trouble, including Italy and Spain, but Roubini sees Portugal as the weakest. The longtime bear and chairman of Roubini Global Economics said the Greek […]

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  • Greece’s Private Creditors Are the Lucky Ones

    From the Financial Times: A myth is developing that private creditors have accepted significant losses in the restructuring of Greece’s debt; while the official sector gets off scot free. International Monetary Fund claims have traditional seniority, but bonds held by the European Central Bank and other eurozone central banks are also escaping a haircut, as […]

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