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Media Reports on RGE’s 2011 Global Economic Outlook and Roubini Videos

Here are some media reports on RGE’s 2011 Global Economic Outlook:

The TelegraphNouriel Roubini: What awaits the US, the eurozone and Asia in 2011

The TelegraphNouriel Roubini: ‘The economic policy is still lend, pray and hope’

International Business TimesWhat Roubini predicts for major global economies in 2011

Reuters (Report and Video) – Nouriel Roubini sees ‘the roots of the next crisis in the current one’ with Chrystia Freeland

Foreign Policy (Video) – FP Top 100 Global Thinkers: Talking to the Smart Crowd

Big Think (Report and Video) – Nouriel Roubini: The Renminbi Could Be the Global Reserve Currency 

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