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Roubini CNBC Videos from Kuala Lumpur: U.S. Outlook, Yuan Debate, FinReg

CNBC Video — Expect a Slow and Anemic Recovery: Roubini (Click for Video [4:54])



CNBC Video — 20% Yuan Rise Won’t Hurt China: Roubini (Click for Video [3:27])



CNBC Video — The Importance of FinReg (Click for Video [7:05])



CNBC Video — U.S. Needs Payroll Tax Cut (Click for Video [4:22])


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5 Responses to “Roubini CNBC Videos from Kuala Lumpur: U.S. Outlook, Yuan Debate, FinReg”

economicminorOctober 1st, 2010 at 12:05 pm

Professor,Your are to logical. Congress is incapable of using their brains. They have been trained like Pavlov’s to parot the party talking points. Some are so disfunctional in their ability to comprehend facts that their knowledge base is a tight little ball of self reinforcing nonesense. Others are just whores to their lobbiests. Or trained monkeys. It is sad that people like you can actually see the problems and elucidate clearly the policy choices and consequences yet Congress is destined to continue digging the hole deeper.The US empire is surely in decline. It is a sad sad time for the average American. We are all on the ship and the communications officer is so atuned to selling options for future communication that he can’t take the time to listen to the incomming call warning of a field of icebergs dead ahead. Even though we have recently hit one and barely survived.Thanks for your continued efforts in trying to allert him but it seems that making a dime today that he will never be able to spend is the only thing on his mind…You used to have a huge group of very loyal readers and bloggers. What happened to all of them? Some were a little out there and some a little abusive of this space but all in all the insight they had was amazing…Have a nice weekend. I hope the weather where ever you are is as nice as it is in So. Oregon.

Modern Money MechanicsOctober 1st, 2010 at 6:53 pm

You care too much em… Try to relax. Take a friend to the theatre this weekend to see the new release “Inside Job.” Then, over a cup of coffee, explain how it is all very real.

11b40October 11th, 2010 at 7:21 am

EM – Let me make a suggestion. Migrate on over to Zero Hedge. It’s free, if you can pass the I.Q. test ;)I believe your conributions would be far more appreciated there, and certainly reach a larger audience. You, too, MMM.Your posts are always reflective and insightful. Since I rarely come here anymore, I miss most of them. Come on over and join the fight club. The articles are far more informative, and real-time relevant there. Plus, Roubini fells more like a tool of the Powers That Be now, especially compared to the Tyler Durden fan club.Ironically, there is a post up now by ‘Tyler Durden’, the Zero Hedge mascot in the Economonitors section. Hope we see you guys over there. BTW, I ran across the Alarmist there last week. Remember him?Independent Contrator

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