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  • Roubini on CNBC: Rising Risk of Double Dip

    CNBC— I discuss whether the chances of a double-dip recession have reached perilous levels in the United States.  (Click for Video)


    CNBC — Chances of Double-Dip Now Over 40%: Roubini The chances of a double-dip recession are now more than 40 percent and policymakers have options to stimulate the economy, Nouriel Roubini of Roubini Global Economics told CNBC Thursday.

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  • Nouriel Roubini RADIOLIVE Interview on the New Normal and Lessons Learned

    RADIOLIVE — Nouriel Roubini discusses quantitative easing in the U.S., the dollar, corporate earnings, interest rates, financial reform, and explains what the global economy is going to have to do to get itself out of the mess that it’s now in.  Click for AUDIO All rights reserved, Roubini GlobalEconomics, LLC

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  • Gordon Gekko Reborn

    In the 1987 film Wall Street, the character Gordon Gekko famously declared, “Greed is good.” His creed became the ethos of a decade of corporate and financial-sector excesses that ended in the late 1980’s collapse of the junk-bond market and the Savings & Loan crisis. Gekko himself was packed off to prison.

    A generation later, the sequel to Wall Street – to be released next month – sees Gekko released from jail and returned to the financial world. His reappearance comes just as the credit bubble fueled by the sub-prime mortgage boom is about to burst, triggering the worst financial and economic crisis since the Great Depression.

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  • Nouriel Roubini Tea with The Economist Video on U.S. and Global Economy Outlook

    From The Economist: Click for Video   Nouriel Roubini on Systemic Risks: U.S. financial reform, the risk of deflation in advanced economies, and China’s growth. All rights reserved, Roubini GlobalEconomics, LLC

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  • RGE’s Wednesday Note: The Sick Man Is Europe

    Something other than leaves will fall in Europe this autumn. American attention, no doubt, will focus on Barack Obama’s date with an angry electorate this November. Yet across the pond, governments of the right, left and center in Europe appear ready to crumble, their positions eroded by a wave of austerity, high unemployment and government debt, plus a smattering of nasty corruption scandals.

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  • RGE’s Wednesday Note: How the Other Half Looks

    We’d like to be able to say we’ve been pleasantly surprised by recent data, after predicting in our Q3 Outlook Update that 2010 would be a “Year of Two Halves.” Instead, a string of releases in the past two weeks has made clear that the sluggish second half is here, after fiscal stimulus and inventory restocking fueled growth in the first six months.

    Since the end of 2009 we have been emphasizing that the recovery would be multi-speed—or at least two-speed—with much of the advanced world displaying a below-trend, anemic growth pace and the emerging world showing a more V-shaped recovery. Now, the global macroeconomic deterioration that we still see emerging in the second half of 2010 increasingly is becoming the consensus view. In much of the advanced world this low growth will feel like a recession even if these economies technically avoid a double dip. Meanwhile, emerging markets are showing that even their more robust recoveries are not insulated from the slowdowns and structural adjustments in advanced economies. We have never been subscribers to the decoupling thesis and believe that emerging markets also will have to partially adjust to a “New Normal.”

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