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Roubini Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher

HBO — Tonight’s guests are Nouriel Roubini, author Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author, radio host and professor Michael Eric Dyson, columnist John Fund and actor/comedian Patton Oswalt.

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GuestMay 21st, 2010 at 7:30 pm R. Wedel.Author, “Shadow Elite”Posted: May 20, 2010 07:41Shadow Elite: Derivatives, A Horror Story…..And derivatives remain unchecked. Just because the economy cratered doesn’t mean that all these money-printing machines have disappeared. According to calculations by Bernstein Research, Goldman Sachs could lose 41 percent of its profits if the new derivatives regulations pass. Banks generally don’t break down their figures on this part of their business (surprised?), but it seems fair to estimate the percentage of the bank revenue that comes from derivatives is solidly in the double-digits (at some it could be more than 50%) To put this in perspective, imagine a food company that gets half its revenue from selling products that go totally unregulated by the FDA, and whose practices are hidden from both regulators and journalists.Tett notes sociologist, philosopher and anthropologist Pierre Bourdieu as arguing,…elites …. invariably try to hang onto power–not so much by controlling the physical means of production, but by also dominating the cognitive map, or social discourse. What really matters …is not what is publicly discussed, but what is not discussed. Social silences, in other words, are crucial…….

Guest pardon meMay 23rd, 2010 at 11:25 pm

someone has to fix this blog or it will/is dead.if me leaving helps just block my ass! but please,fix this mess. the professor has earned better. god,you don’t have to be god, or perfect, just relevant orcreative or alive! life! hello? life.jesus christ. are you people even trying?are you trying to be entirely irrelevant to the thinkingpopulation/public. just an arm of the fed mess?.point in fact. you can find better links to the object ofthis post elsewhere. better than the link above.

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