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New from RGE: The RGE 360

Welcome to our latest newsletter enhancement, the RGE 360, a Friday morning look at the week ahead in the global economy, combined with a “Weekly Roundup” of the best content from and RGE EconoMonitors.


This weekend, March 27-28:

Monday, March 29:

Tuesday, March 30:

Wednesday, March 31:

Thursday, April 1:

Friday, April 2:


Here is a look at the best of this week’s offerings from and RGE EconoMonitors:

RGE Analysis:

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Finance & Markets Monitor

Peterson Institute for International Economics Monitor

Global Macro EconoMonitor

U.S. EconoMonitor

Emerging Markets Monitor

Asia EconoMonitor

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6 Responses to “New from RGE: The RGE 360”

GuestMarch 26th, 2010 at 8:07 am

Gentlemen:Let us suppose that one of the conditions for banks to exchange their toxic MBS with Fed was to purchase 10 year Treasuries as a quid pro quo.Let us suppose that the first quarter earnings reports are coming and the banks can’t show the losses on the 10 year bonds on the books and therefore they sell the 10 year bonds and buy swaps to have the asset off balance sheet, which is the advantage of the derivative. So the reporting period comes and goes, and the banks come back to purchasing the 10 year bonds after the reporting period is past.Does this story make anyone salivate?

b.......March 27th, 2010 at 10:48 am

whoops.same old picture of the universe……”JPMorgan Chase & Co., Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and UBS AG were among more than a dozen Wall Street firms involved in a conspiracy to pay below-market interest rates to U.S. state and local governments on investments, according to documents filed in a U.S. Justice Department criminal antitrust case.” ….comment: call it reflation by other means.conspiracy prosecution starts with a conspiracy theory.these are initiated and formulated by those who have been harmed orobserved harm, unjustified harm, wonder they, the theories, are categorically unwelcome, maligned,systemic..sheesh.

blindmanMarch 27th, 2010 at 11:11 am

@ here, and speaking of feedback..360 degree spatial analogy to a temporal 360 degree perspective as inlast week and next week confuses the distinction between spatial andtemporal domains. we need a clarification and elucidation of thesedistictions and an articulation of the convergence and overlap, wherethe domains merge, or become real. mind. we need a cohesive andhonest and inspired narrative thread that honors life, spatial and temporal. the observations in the “present moment”, ( varies withposition), informs / creates, a true perspective. mind.does this mean anything or has the main plot / thread been lost?