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RGE on Sovereign Risk

With Professor Roubini’s comments on sovereign risk in Davos receiving widespread attention today, we would like to call your attention to three pieces provided to our clients over the past three weeks on sovereign debt and, in particular, the fiscal deterioration of certain eurozone countries (“the PIIGS.”)

The Greece Dilemma: Sovereign Debts Imperil Euro and Challenge EU Ties

By Arnab Das, Elisa Parisi-Capone and Natalia Gurushina


The Risky Rich

By Nouriel Roubini


Sovereign Debt: The Developed World’s Next Big Problem?

By Arpitha Bykere, Elisa Parisi-Capone, and Katharina Jungen

2 Responses to “RGE on Sovereign Risk”

HubbsJanuary 27th, 2010 at 1:21 pm

First, but does it matter?I still can’t figure out how to log in to this blog. Is this the same with others? Pete CA, MMCA, still out there?I have been buying some physical silver, not much else. Still waiting to see if the health care bill disintegrates into nothingness before I decide whether to leave this hospital for another emoployed position, also to see what happens to the taxes.. to reset back to rates ten years ago/ and what about AMT?

GuestJanuary 27th, 2010 at 1:33 pm

The paper precious metal market and the physical precious metal market have defacto disconnected.What is going on?