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  • I Was Way Too Optimistic on the Housing Recession…

    This author is well known as one of the biggest bears about the housing market and the economy. Indeed, in August of 2006 this author started writing about the coming housing recession and predicted that this would be the worst US housing recession in four decades and that home prices would fall by 20% (See […]

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  • My CNBC Interview on Housing

    This morning I was on CNBC’s Squawk Box being interviewed on the prospects for the housing market. The video webcast can be found here. Put it simply the housing recession is getting worse: new construction has fallen sharply but demand of new homes has fallen even more. Thus, the excess supply of new and existing […]

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  • Written Transcript and Video Webcast of my IMF Talk is Now Available

    You can now find on the IMF web site a written transcript of my IMF talk last week as well as a video webcast of this talk. And if you are time-strapped they even have a short written summary of the main points of my talk. Thanks to the IMF for inviting me to present […]

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  • 50bps cut in the Fed Funds rate may be too little too late….

    The Fed did the right thing today by cutting the Fed Funds rate by 50bps rather than the 25bps that most market participants were expecting. The liquidity and credit crunch in the financial markets is still serious and the downside risks of a hard landing (recession) are now large enough that doing 50bps was the […]

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  • My Stern/NYU Fall Course on the Global Economy

    Fall is a busy semester of teaching, research and school and blogging daily becomes harder (but I will regularly). So for today you can check out the syllabus and reading list of my Stern/NYU fall course on the global economy and a first powerpoint presentation overviewing the main global economic issues that I used in class. Hopefully you will find plenty […]

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  • My Thursday Talk at the IMF on the U.S. and Global Economic Outlook…and August Retail Sales..

    Tomorrow Thursday September 13th at 3.30pm I will give a talk at the IMF on The Risk of a U.S. Hard Landing and Implications for the Global Economy and Financial Markets. If you are in Washington DC this talk is open to the public subject to RSVP. The IMF announcement of this talk follows: Nouriel […]

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  • Sovereign Wealth Funds: The New Bogeymen of Financial Capitalism

    I have recently written a column on sovereign wealth funds for Project Syndicate. This column has been published in a number of international newspapers. Here is the link to the version published by the Korea Times. My main conclusion: Dire predictions that the rise of the SWF’s means that the global financial system is becoming […]

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