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  • First Comments on Ben Bernanke as the new Fed Chairman

    Ben Bernanke’ choice as the next Fed Chairman is a very good one: he is extremely bright,  a leading academic scholar and a first rate expert in macroeconomics and monetary policy; he has wide policy experience as Fed governor and now as Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisors; he has a broad and sophisticated – if somehow […]

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  • Global Imbalances and their Orderly vs. Disorderly Rebalancing: Another Look

    I have recently written down my recent thoughts on global imbalances and on whether the necessary global rebalancing will be orderly or disorderly; my views are in a powerpoint presentation (available here for registered RGE users). There I discuss the alternative views on the sources of these imbalances (domestic US savings drought versus global savings glut versus global investment […]

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  • Oil and the Global Economy in 2006 and Beyond: Oil at $100 and Return to Stagflation?

    I recently made a presentation for a leading European oil company on the implications of high oil prices for the global economy. Several questions were asked: Why hasn’t the latest oil shock been associated with stagflation?  Will global economic growth sharply slow down in 2006? Will oil prices further increase over the next few years […]

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