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  • Where Do We Go From Here? 12th Biennial International Post Keynesian Conference Sept. 25-28 at UMKC

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sept. 15, 2014 Contact: Nicola Matthews 941-284-3695;   Where Do We Go From Here? International Economics Conference to Focus on Aftermath of Great Recession 12th Biennial International Post Keynesian Conference Sept. 25-28 at UMKC      KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The University of Missouri-Kansas City will host and co-sponsor an international […]

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  • How to Eliminate the Scourge of Unemployment: Jobs Now at a Living Wage

    It is amazing no one has thought of this before. Seven years after the GFC began, we’ve still got up to 25 million people who want jobs but cannot find them. Of course that’s far more than the official unemployment numbers—which don’t count anyone who worked just an hour or so, or who gave up […]

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  • Where Danger Lurks: The Dark Recesses of the Orthodox Mind

    Ah, the Eternal Sunshine of the Recessed Mind! Here’s an unintentionally–but riotously–hilarious mea culpa by Olivier Blanchard: Here’s the CliffsNotes version: Yes, we didn’t see nothing coming. But that isn’t our fault. The Global Financial Crisis—the biggest calamity since 1929—was invisible to us because it had been lurking in the dark corners of the […]

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  • Nine Year Olds, Uzis, and Gun Nuts—a Volatile Mixture: It’s Troll Friday

    If you want more Bullets with your Burgers, you might want to skip this week’s blog. Yep, it is Troll Friday. Child firing Uzi at Ariz. shooting range accidentally kills instructor, police say. Well, accidents happen. You cannot prevent all of them. Some slip through and someone dies. Kids will be kids. You give […]

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    There is still time to register for our upcoming Post Keynesian conference at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Unfortunately, the program is full so we cannot accept paper proposals. However, there is still space for participants. The registration is cheap, and includes all dinners and special events, some of which are listed below. For more […]

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  • UPDATE: Bank of America Fined Another $16 Billion for Fraud

    Bank of America just agreed to pay another $16 Billion fine for one of its frauds—selling trashy securities to its investors. Another day, another fraud exposed. No surprises there. This is so routine it barely deserves a headline. According to Bloomberg, that raises the total it has agreed to pay for its mortgage lending frauds […]

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    Thank heaven for Tom Hoenig, the only proven-honest central banker we’ve got. Yes, I know he’s moved on from the KC Fed to serve as Vice Chairman of the FDIC. He actually might do a lot more good over there, anyway. In recent months, we’ve heard how Wall Street’s Blood-sucking Vampire Squids have reformed themselves. […]

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  • Setting the Record Straight One More Time: BofA’s Rebecca Mairone Fined $1Million; BofA Must Pay $1.3Billion

    Now here’s Déjà vu all over again. You might remember the name Rebecca Mairone from a few years ago. She’s back in the news: “Rebecca Mairone, formerly a top official at Countrywide Financial, has been named in an amended complaint filed earlier this month by Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of […]

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  • Mission-Oriented Finance for Innovation, London 22-24 July

    Our conference begins today in London and runs for three days. This is a spin-off of an INET project that Mariana Mazzucato and I are heading, which explores an integration of Keynes, Schumpeter, and Minsky on financing the capital development of the economy. I’ll report more on our research later–the project comes to an end […]

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    Here’s another story in the continuing saga of Bankster fraud. As I’ve argued since 2008, it is likely that all—or nearly all–of the residential mortgage backed securities (RMBSs) are fraudulent. The Banksters engaged in fraud at every link in the RMBS food chain. They defrauded the borrowers. They forced the appraisers to commit fraud (pressured […]

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