Great Leap Forward

Occupy Germany!

Germany is a short train ride away for 300 million EU citizens. Borders are open. Occupy in the name of the 99%. Stop austerity NOW.

Go in peace. Obey all laws. Support the German Labor Unions. Do not leave until the Neoliberals are thrown out.

Latest news from the front:

March 18, 2015 at 9:32 am

Big blockupy protest against ECB on occasion of the inauguration of their new fancy office tower in Frankfurt today. A special train with 1000 protesters came last night from Berlin, dozens of buses from all over Europe. Promise of peaceful protest broken by some radicals already early this morning, burning police cars, police station attacked, a lot of broken windows e.g. of retail stores, dozens of hurt policemen. Some radical sub-groups said to be from Italy. ECB building completely sealed off for the ceremony, the bank’s employees told to stay home. A very large protest march (“Stop Austerity!!”) by the German unions, about to begin now, they had to find different route, because Frankfurt center is partly shut down.

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