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Wray on Thom Hartmann: the MERS Monster

I’ll be on Thom Hartmann’s show tomorrow, July 18, 1 pm Eastern Time. I think we’ll talk about MERS, the recent Citi fines, lawsuits against the MBS Trustees, and much more.

Info on how to listen:
Live on radio stations coast to coast…live on XM/Sirius satellite radio…simulcast LIVE on Free Speech TV on Dish Network, Direct TV, Comcast Cable, RCN, Cox Cable, Time Warner, Verizon Fios and over 200 independent community cable providers nationwide including Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

The audio and video are streamed LIVE on website Free Speech TV also streams the program LIVE on their website:

The program is also streamed LIVE (audio and video) on The Thom Hartmann Program app available for iPhone and iPad (free of charge on iTunes)

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