Great Leap Forward

Wray on the Crisis, the Bail-out, China, and the Job Guarantee

Here is a list of 3 recent activities, two of which have videos for your viewing pleasure.

1. November 25 2013, House of Commons, UK

Here is a link to a number of videos of presentations we recently made at a SPRU-FORD-INET-MINDS Workshop , 25-26 November 2013. The workshop kicked off with a policy dialogue in the UK House of Commons (Parliament), hosted by Shadow Business Minister Chi Onwurah MP external-link-icon and attended by parliamentarians, policy-makers, civil society organisations and the media. The discussion considered how financial governance for innovation and social inclusion is a key policy priority in order to make sure that innovation is not only smart, but also inclusive and sustainable.

Speakers included: Leonardo Burlamaqui external-link-icon, Jan Kregel external-link-icon, Bill Lazonick external-link-icon, Mariana Mazzucato external-link-iconNgaire Woods external-link-icon and Randall Wray external-link-icon. Their interventions focused on experiences from Brazil, India, the US and Europe. Given the location of the event, discussion concentrated on lessons for the UK. You can see videos of all these presentations at this link:

2. November 26 2013, The Open University Meeting Room, Camden Town, London (9:30am-5:30pm)*  

Day 2 was dedicated to an internal Ford workshop for grantees and invited discussants. The workshop consisted of an in depth discussion of the results in the various grant projects, and their strategies for further integration, communication and dissemination. The sessions were organised in a panel discussion format with grant holders presenting the key goals and achievements of their ongoing projects, which were subsequently discussed by other grant holders and a few outside guests. The goal was to engage in a discussion on how to use the projects collectively to achieve better co-ordination, collaboration and a coherent communication strategy. Link here (but no videos):

3. INET conference in Hong Kong

An interview I did with Marshall Auerback is (finally) up, discussing everything from the future of China’s RMB to the Job Guarantee: An alternative site for viewing is here:, containing other INET interviews including one of my colleague, Jan Kregel.

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