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You’ve Been Trumped: Essential Viewing for the 99%

Bullfrog Films has just released a new documentary, YOU’VE BEEN TRUMPED, and reviews are up and running at

The film has been described as:

–“Moving…essential viewing…” –“Shows how one of the 1% really feels about ‘ordinary’ people…” –“Will leave viewers astonished and appalled…” –“Thoughtful…Raises troubling issues…” –“Beautiful, moving, tragic…This is what we all can look forward to if we don’t stop Corporate Feudalism in its tracks…”

Go to the website for details about purchasing the movie.

Some months ago I was invited to preview the movie, and here’s my review:

In America, Donald Trump is known as the cartoonish buffoon who’s rich because he’s famous and famous because he’s rich and can yell “You’re Fired” on national TV. But he’s no laughing matter in Scotland where he bought-off national and local governments on the promise that he would spend a billion pounds to build the world’s biggest golf course. Unfortunately, that meant destroying one of the most pristine and fragile complex of coastal sand dunes on earth. This moving documentary follows the efforts of the ordinary folk to preserve a fishing and farming community that stands in the way. Even Trump admits that he does not need their property to finish his development scheme, but he worries that the “piglike environment” of a traditional Scottish village will spoil the view for the well-heeled American golfers he plans to fly over to stay in his high rise hotel and time-share apartments. His unremitting disgust for the “99%” is evident in every press conference he holds, in which he attacks the locals as “pigs” even as his earthmoving equipment builds mountainous berms to isolate the villagers from the dunes and ocean they had enjoyed for generations. This documentary is essential viewing for developing an understanding of the issues surrounding unchecked development and its impact on environmental sustainability, the unholy alliance of big money and public policy, and the consequences of excessive inequality that has divided our modern world between the 99% “have-nots” and the one per-centers who’ve got it all but still want more.

6 Responses to “You’ve Been Trumped: Essential Viewing for the 99%”

RobNovember 15th, 2012 at 4:26 pm

I love Scotland. It's my family's origin. But damn, it can be very cold and very wet and very windy and the midges bite like hell. Most all year round. I do hope Trump has yet to find this out.

jonf34November 16th, 2012 at 2:56 am

Didn't we just rid ourselves of one dude who thought half the poplulation were moochers? Now we got another one percenter calling us pigs. And he also wants to be President. Oh goodie. Can't wait for the next go round. I want to take away some of their money. Only way I know to do that is tax them– the more the better.

19451949November 21st, 2012 at 1:57 pm

I am a hard core Conservative and I view, The Donald, as someone who just provides some form of entertain…If you take this man serious, then one has a personal problem.

Your class envy, Jon, are a much graver issue for me, as they will not end well…Social Justice through the tax code, is the wrong road…

waterbottleDecember 11th, 2012 at 9:18 pm

The problem is that as much as the Donald is taken mostly as a joke by intelligent people, he really is a very wealthy and powerful man. As much as it would be nice to laugh off Trump I think this shows how he really is doing real harm to people's lives, which is less funny.
I don't think a higher tax rate is going to help this situation either, but the way in which those few extremely wealthy individuals are able to influence political decisions is something that needs to be scrutinized.

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