Great Leap Forward

GLF Odds and Ends

1. Earlier this week I mentioned the fantastic interview by my colleague, Stephanie Kelton, that blasted Pete Peterson. Another colleague, Bill Black, has posted up a column that in his famous “take no prisoners” style lambasts the Dems for lining up with Peterson’s billions. It is must reading. See here:

2. For those of you who might happen to be near Finland, I’ll be speaking at a conference on December 3:

The Return of Full Employment Policy, Date: December 3, 2012 Venue: Paasitorni, Sirkussali, Helsinki

Details here:

3. I need a better class of Trolls. Still nothing submitted for this week’s Troll Friday. Spider has been the only one willing to put his ideas to print. And he sparked a heated discussion that did not devolve to name-calling. The other Troll, FidoPhil (or whatever he calls himself now) doesn’t have the guts to do it. He’s apparently got nothing to say other than snipes and name calling. I guess I’ll have to be the Troll tomorrow. Pity.

On Spider’s post, let me briefly comment since he (and others) urged me to say something. Look, I saw the original unveiling of the modern Malthusian Club of Rome–actually attended an Ehrlich talk around 1970. At the time I was briefly on board. But then I learned more–about population dynamics. And I also rejected the implications of the analysis–implications that Spider apparently recognizes and embraces. Sorry, I cannot get on board with the life boat mentality. We’re all in this together. And we WILL survive. Humans are more resourceful than cockroaches. We will find a PROGRESSIVE solution to the environmental problems. Call me a Pollyanna; I take it as praise.

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