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Sorry am traveling in California and cannot do an original post. Meantime, here are some tidbits.

This is an interview I did on MMT, mostly on the “nature of money”:

Post (Keynesian) Modern Money – PodOmatic | Best Free Podcasts
We are joined by Professor L. Randall Wray this week, an economist and expert in Modern Monetary Theory. Prof. Wray also blogs over at ‘New Economic…/2012-08-05T08_51_21-…

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Here’s a subjective ranking of top economics blogs (not be me) including rankings for top MMT blogs: list of top 30 heterodox Keynesian/MMT economics blogs…/top-40-heterodo…

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Finally, I did a long segment on “why we’re screwed” on

KPFK – Beneath The Surface w/Suzi Weissman. Not sure when they will put it online, but you can check here:

One Response to “MMT IN THE NEWS”

Lord KeynesAugust 9th, 2012 at 5:09 pm

That was a great interview on the nature of money.

I have linked to it on my site:

I have always thought that anthropologists and historians had some brilliant insights into the nature and history of money many decades ago, e.g., A. H. Quiggin's A Survey of Primitive Money: The Beginnings of Currency (1949) or Philip Grierson's The Origins of Money (London, 1977).

It is a pity that mainstream economics is only dimly aware of this work.