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Tekıling törkiyz ecukeyşınıl vooz

Hello again after a two-week absence. I was quite busy, with travels and work, during the past two weeks and ot able to post here- even though I continued to write for the Hurriyet Daily News (HDN). I have two hours free this afternoon, and so I am hoping to get in a couple of posts in. I will post my latest HDN column later today, but before that, I wanted to share Monday’s column, which was about the (in)famous “Ottoman debate”. Here is the first paragraph of that column:

Turkey’s National Education Council, an educational advisory body, decided over the weekend before last to recommend the Ministry of Education that Ottoman-language classes should be compulsory for religious high schools and electives for others.

Anyway, you can read the whole thing at the HDN website. I really do not have anything to add- except the original final paragraph of that column…

Or statesmen whose English vocabulary is limited to “one” and “minute”, exclusively in that order– which will wear real thin, real fast in international diplomacy, not to mention sounding like the character Groot in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

… which did not make to the final version for obvious reasons:

🙁 times for Turkey. I guess the night is darkest just before the dawn– even though I cannot promise you that dawn is coming to Turkey… yet…

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