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How economists say ‘I love you’

Did you ever wonder how economists make use of the dismal science to declare their love? Here are several examples, some adapted from Liz Fosslien’s post for last year’s Valentine’s Day that caused quite a stir at the time, others my “invention,” and a couple from economist friends.

Here is the first paragraph of my latest Hurriyet Daily News (HDN) column, which pretty much explains what the column is about. You can read the whole thing at the HDN website. For a change, I only have a couple of extra points to make:

First, most will probably guess it anyway, but the right axis in the first graph is USDTRY, the lira dollar exchange rate. It was perfect for my purposes:)

Second (and last), I noted consensus growth expectations for this year to be 3.2 percent. According to the Central Bank’s latest expectations survey, which was released today, those expectations were revised down to 2.8 percent. But they are still way too optimistic, me believes: I would be happy if growth exceeded 2 percent this year…

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