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TV Time for Turkish economy and Syria

I have two of my recent interviews for your viewing pleasure.

The first was done a few weeks ago for CCTV and is about the economic cost of Syrian refugees. I start at the 2.15 mark (man have I grown really fat since the previous video in the summer; that’s an artifact of too much beer in my London days in August, which I haven’t been able to shake off yet). I had just finished a huge 3-hour lunch with a friend who was visiting from the States and had had too many rakis, so considering that, I am not doing a bad job, I reckon:

CCTV Interview

BTW, this is the Istanbul district of Tarabya, and we are in front of Set Balik, where we had had lunch. BTW, the place has all-you-can-eat fish (and mezes of course, or appetizers, and drinks) for TRY 70-90/person, (USD 40/50), which is quite affordable for seafood by the Bosphorus. And in fact, IMHO it is one of the best values for the money in Istanbul. But definitely reserve ahead. We went on a weekday for lunch, and we were one of two three tables there, but it is packed on weekends and dinners… And if you have too much raki, use the backroads to get back to your home/hotel/company/consulate (I needed to take into account my varied reader base), as there are frequent DUI checkpoints along the scenic drive by the sea. Or just take a cab…

Anyway, the second one, from last summer, is about the Turkish economy, and is in Persian, since it was for BBC Persian:

BBC Persian Interview

I start at the 2.54 mark, and that nice t-shirt is actually a Besiktas oxford t-shirt, bought from the Eagle’s Nest (official fan store for Besiktas) under the Inonu Stadium. BTW, the interview was done while sipping tea in a tea shop in the Grand Bazaar (Kapalicarsi). As you may notice, the place, which also refers to THE Besiktas fan group (or what Brits call “firm” but without the hooliganism, it’s more about social projects and simple love of Black & White) and the name of their stands in the stadium, is where the blog’s name is coming from… But no, I did not ask them to do the interview in Kapalicarsi- if I had a say in it, I would have wanted to do it right on the pitch in Inonu:)…

BTW, if I managed to raise your curiosity in Besiktas, read the excellent article by Elif Batuman in The NewYorker– she may not be as crazy about Besiktas as your friendly neighborhood economist, but she definitely writes better than him:) You can also listen to her

2 Responses to “TV Time for Turkish economy and Syria”

Jon, a BritMay 1st, 2012 at 9:09 am

Just a thought, about Football. Yes I know that this is a dangerous subject, but I suspect that the cultural match between Turkey and Football is less complete than the overlap between Turkey and Rugby. I suspect that the "warrior" qualities, the team spirit, the essential aspect of good manners make Rugby a perfect "match" for Turkish society.
Just a thought…..

Emre Deliveli edeliveliMay 2nd, 2012 at 7:14 am

Your logic is right on, but I don't think rugby will catch on after this point in Turkey; football is “the sport” here…We have managed to turn football into a “warrior” sport, but the firm culture depicted in Green Street Hooligans and Football Factory never caught on- although we do love a fight every now and then:)- it is just the fights are before and after the games and not pre-arranged, as seems to have been the case with firms…I am traveling, but will respond to your other email later today…Sent by BlackBerry Internet Service from Turkcell