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Back from the Dead!

I have been absent from the blogosphere for quite a while: First, I had a really busy month in Istanbul, with quite a few really interesting meetings, which I will be discussing in the upcoming posts. To top it all, I had some medical issues, personal and family, which delayed the comeback I was planning for the past few weeks. But finally I am really really back!

I will be blogging extensively in the next few days, playing catch-up, so keep watching:)

BTW, as you’ll soon see, there will be a small change to the format of this blog: Hurriyet Daily News, where my weekly columns are published, has asked me not to post my full columns here at the blog- actually as Castello succintly put it (0.55-1.05) in The Departed, they weren’t really asking, as my columns there are technically their property. So I will be putting in the first few sentences of the column, with a link to the actual article in case you are interested. But I will still have quite a bit of extra material on those columns, so those posts will be much more than a few sentences and a hyperlink…

These “new rules” are of course only for HDN stuff; I will have original posts here as well, with the full text and graphs of course. And speaking of that, the recent blogosphere discussion, started by the brand-new Bruegel blog (recommended BTW, if you are a blog junkie like me), on why Europeans can’t blog, has made me realize that even though I am not technically European (my Istanbul home is in Cengelkoy, or hook’s village as one would translate it, on the Asian side of the Bosporus), I haven’t been really blogging, either: I am just writing stuff independent of what is going on in the blogosphere. Actually, it wasn’t always like that: When I started blogging, at my now-defunct Blogger address more than 3 years ago, I was interacting a lot with other blogs, referring to them and getting referred to in turn. That’s what I will be trying from now on, as it is more fun for me as well as more interesting for my readers. Of course, I am not planning a fight with Paul Krugman:)- he’d eat me alive, and besides I really love his stuff. I am planning to refer to and comment on Turkey writings, which would allow me to keep the Turkey theme of this blog.

Anyway, it is almost 9pm here in Marmaris, Turkey, so I am off to a quick dinner. When I am back, I will be officially jump-starting the blog with the first post in over a month!…

I have made the first big step; I just need to deliver:)….

2 Responses to “Back from the Dead!”

reziembaMarch 20th, 2012 at 10:16 pm

Glad to see you back – We've missed you! hope all is well – look forward to your insights on all the fun schenanigans going on.