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  • Questions for GOP Healthcare Reformers

    Republicans do not yet have a full replacement for the Affordable Care Act (ACA or “Obamacare”), but the outlines of one are emerging. The Policy Brief on Repeal and Replace issued by House Republicans on February 16 points the way toward a three-tier system. It promises to provide  “coverage protections and peace of mind for […]

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  • Repeal Fuel Economy Standards and Replace Them with a Tax

    The Wall Street Journal reports that automakers are asking the EPA to repeal automobile fuel economy standards, known as Corporate Average Fleet Economy (CAFE) standards, which are set to rise to 56 miles per gallon by 2025. Repealing the standards would be a good idea, provided they were replaced by tax designed to achieve an […]

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  • CNN’s Sanders-Cruz Healthcare Debate: A Scorecard

    CNN, Senator Sanders, and Senator Cruz deserve congratulations for a great town hall. Real focus, real exchange of views, even real agreement now and then on some important ideas. Worth viewing, or if you missed it, worth reading the transcript. Still, articulate and well prepared though the participants were, there were things they should have […]

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  • The Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends: A Bad Marriage of Two Good Ideas?

    As a firm supporter of both carbon taxes and a universal basic income (UBI), you would think that I would be thrilled by the new report, The Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends, released Wednesday by the Climate Leadership Council (CLC).  It puts a price on carbon like a good carbon tax should, and it gives […]

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  • In Search of the Elusive Victims of Globalization

    The 2016 US Presidential election has placed trade policy high on the national agenda. Both Bernie Sanders, on the left, and Donald Trump, on the right, campaigned on overtly protectionist platforms. Now that Trump is in office, he has begun implementing his program of “buy American, hire American.” In response, many members of the economics […]

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