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  • China’s Latest “Devaluation:” A Currency War in the Making?

    China’s currency has, once again, been weakening against the dollar. It is down by more than 4 percent since October, including a fall of more than one percent just last week. Writing in the New York Times, Landon Thomas, Jr. warned that “China’s decision to push the value of its currency lower has opened a […]

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  • Why and How Progressives Should Talk with Conservatives about Climate Change

    Can liberals and progressives talk to conservatives about climate change? Some on the left say, “No.” They have the idea that it is a waste of time to bring conservatives into the discussion—conservatives have nothing to contribute, and they are all deniers anyway. I disagree. Here is why I think discussion of the issue across […]

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  • How Is Inequality Linked to Climate Change, and What to Do About It?

    Progressives see climate change and economic inequality as two of the big problems of our time. As the global aid organization Oxfam points out in a recent media briefing paper, “Extreme Carbon Inequality,” the two are “inextricably linked.” But just what is the nature of the linkage? Does inequality cause climate change? Does climate change […]

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