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  • Delayed Data Show September Was Another Quiet Month for Inflation

    Were you waiting nervously for September’s report on the Consumer Price Index? You can relax now. The data, delayed by the government shutdown, are finally out and they hold no big surprises. None at all. The all-items CPI rose in September at a seasonally adjusted 2.4 percent annual rate. On a year-over-year basis, the CPI […]

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  • Will the Botched Rollout be Obama’s Vasa Moment?

    On a pleasant August day in 1628, the Swedish ship Vasa, the most heavily armed warship built to that time, sank in Stockholm harbor after sailing less than a mile on its maiden voyage. The sinking came at a bad moment for Sweden’s King Gustavus Adophus, who was in the middle of a deadly naval […]

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  • Why the Baltic Recovery is Not a Success Story for Austerity: Lessons for the US

    While EU members along the shores of the Mediterranean struggle with a seemingly endless slump, others who dip their toes in the Baltic are making a strong comeback. As the following chart shows, real GDP growth in the Baltic 3—Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania—has recently run well above the euro area average. Meanwhile, the Med 4—Greece, […]

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  • Who are the Biggest Trans-Pacific Currency Manipulators? How Great is the Threat?

    Recently a bi-partisan group of 60 U.S. Senators made headlines with a letter to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. The letter urged him to add a clause to the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement prohibiting currency manipulation. The Senators cited a Peterson Institute study that claimed currency manipulation had cost the United States 5 million […]

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  • As We Move into Budget Chaos, Just How Bad is our Fiscal Policy, Really?

    Those of us who live in the United States woke Tuesday morning to a “partial government shutdown.” Partial means, roughly speaking, that air traffic controllers go to work but park rangers do not. The shutdown is the result of the failure of Congress to pass a budget—or in lieu of a budget, a continuing resolution—in […]

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