Building the Future: Jobs, Growth, and Fairness in the Arab World

By Christine Lagarde: Returning from Amman, where we just wrapped up aconference on the future of the Arab countries in transition, I am truly energized by the optimistic spirit that I encountered. Following on the heels of my visit to Morocco, it was an extraordinary couple of days of better understanding the people and the challenges they confront in this […]

How Syria May Pave Way to Multipolar Global Governance

Syria’s chemical weapons arsenals represent the legacies of colonialism and the Cold War. In the advanced world, Russia’s diplomatic intervention has been seen as a step back. In reality, it heralds multipolar global governance. The facts are clear: On Wednesday August 21, 2013, the Syrian conflict entered a different stage with the deadliest use of […]

Syria: When is Enough, Enough? When the Oil becomes ‘Islamized!’

The “cruelty and carnage” in Syria, is how the situation in that country has been described in a rare joint statement by the chiefs of five UN organizations. The statement came accompanied by a plea to the international community to take concrete action and stop the bloodshed. “Enough!” It cried out as fierce fighting continues […]

Syria’s Oil Now a Target of Civil War

It was only a matter of time before Syria’s oil industry, sagging as it may be, became a target in the country’s civil war, a conflict that is rapidly devastating Syria’s infrastructure and economy. The latest casualty is now Syria’s modest oil industry, already suffering from lack of modernization. In two separate incidents in the […]