Protesting the IMF’s Madame Lagarde

The protests at Smith College that led to the withdrawal of Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, as this year’s commencement speaker have been widely denounced as a manifestation of intolerance. They also demonstrate a lack of understanding of the IMF and the many changes that have taken place at that institution in the last […]

Chinese Living Standards, International Perspective: The World Bank’s PPP Debate

Emerging economies are catching up with advanced economies, but differences of living standards remain far apart. A new report by the World Bank’s International Comparison Program (ICP) suggests that the purchasing power of China’s renminbi is significantly stronger than exchange rates indicate, based on 2011 prices. Measured by its currency’s purchasing power, the report concludes […]

The IMF and Ukraine

The International Monetary Fund last week announced an agreement with Ukraine on a two year Stand-By Arrangement. The amount of money to be disbursed depends on how much other financial support the country will receive, but will total at least $14 billion. Whether or not this IMF program will be fully implemented (unlike the last two) depends […]

G-20 Meeting – Let There Be Growth!

The G-20 Finance Ministers’ Meeting in Sydney in February 2014 provided a convivial winter break for the global economic elite. Travellers from the Northern Hemisphere could enjoy the Southern summer. Everybody could escape domestic political traumas, spending a few days amongst peers in luxury paid for by taxpayers. They could bask in the slavish adulation […]