The deal that may make or break the eurozone

It is no secret that the top priority of the new Greek government will be to negotiate a reduction in the country’s debt – as well as to broker softer terms on the austerity conditions forced by its creditors. Until as recently as the wee hours of Thursday, I thought that this would be unethical. Here is the […]

A Tale of Two Turkeys

You probably often see very conflicting views of the Turkish economy. If you are sick of my gloomy writings (hey, it is called the dismal science), there are plenty of columns and research reports painting a rosy view of the Turkish economy. So how can we reconcile these different assessments? Well, the easiest way out […]

G-20 Meeting – Let There Be Growth!

The G-20 Finance Ministers’ Meeting in Sydney in February 2014 provided a convivial winter break for the global economic elite. Travellers from the Northern Hemisphere could enjoy the Southern summer. Everybody could escape domestic political traumas, spending a few days amongst peers in luxury paid for by taxpayers. They could bask in the slavish adulation […]

My Warning to All IstanBulls

Markets’ mood towards Turkey took a decisive turn for the better last week. In my latest Hurriyet Daily News (HDN) column, I look at the different reasons for this change in mood, such as economic data, emerging market sentiment and political developments. I also give you my take on whether I agree with the optimistic […]

A Standard and Poor Decision on Turkey – NOT!

Jagshemash; Here’s the link to my latest Hurriyet Daily News (HDN) column, where I discuss S&P’s Turkey outlook downgrade. As usual, I have a few additional points to make: First, some people are arguing that there is a political element to all this. You may remember that Turkey got the coveted second investment grade the […]