Who’s the Big Spender? Military Spending from Beijing to the Pentagon

According to the Pentagon, the rapid growth of China’s military spending reflects its increasing assertiveness in the region. According to Beijing, US military spending is the real issue. What are the facts? It has become an annual ritual. Recently, the US Department of Defense (DoD) usually released its report to Congress on China’s “military and […]

Obama Foreign Policy—Incompetence Writ Large?

At his West Point speech, President Obama articulated as close as we are likely to get to an ‘Obama Doctrine.’ The United States, he said, “will use military force, unilaterally if necessary, when our core interests demand it — when our people are threatened; when our livelihoods are at stake; when the security of our […]

The Sanctions Against Russia Do Bite: But Are They Having Their Intended Impact?

Often, the problem with many policy actions employed to influence the economy is their unintended consequences. In the case of economic sanctions, it is not always easy to tell whether half a success is any better than a failure. On March 21, 2014, under the new sanctions regime, both Visa and MasterCard froze the card […]

Irredentism and Border Disputes After Crimea: New Sources of Political Risk

Russia has successfully annexed Crimea. It continues to build its troop strength along Ukraine’s eastern border and may yet move to annex Russian populated parts of Ukraine. Russia has flaunted international law and a treaty it had signed with Ukraine and the U.S. to guarantee Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Russia’s imperialist move has increased global political […]