Why Oil and Gas in the South China Sea Won’t Be Developed

By Nick Cunningham: The South China Sea has enormous potential for oil and gas reserves but territorial conflict will likely hold it back for years to come. On July 16, the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) decided to remove its oil rig from contested waters, stating that its exploration mission was completed after finding “sings of oil […]

Vietnam, China Give Differing Accounts of Incident Near Disputed Oil Rig

By Andy Tully: The dispute between Beijing and Hanoi over China’s placement of an oil rig in disputed waters has escalated over the May 26 sinking of a Vietnamese fishing boat. Vietnam’s version of the incident is that 40 Chinese vessels surrounded the Vietnamese boat in an area of the South China Sea claimed by both nations. […]

Vietnamese Protests Against Chinese Oil Rig Turn Violent

By Andy Tully: It’s being called the worst rioting in Vietnam in years: Thousands of protesters becoming violent; burning and looting factories outside Ho Chi Minh City – formerly Saigon – to oppose an oil rig that China has sentinto waters claimed by Hanoi. Two people are dead and at least 129 injured after a mob attacked […]

Viet-Chinese Tensions Escalate in South China Sea

A standoff between Vietnam and China over disputed territory in the South China Sea grew worse on May 7 as Vietnam sent naval vessels to confront Chinese ships. Last weekend, China sent an oil rig into territory within Vietnam’s 200-mile exclusive economic zone, prompting Vietnam to demand its removal. An unnamed Vietnamese official said that no shots […]

South China Sea Disputes Strain Vietnam–China Relations

Since 1991, comprehensive Vietnam–China relations have developed but remain constrained by the South China Sea (SCS) disputes. What makes the disputes highly relevant for future bilateral relations is that they have proven intractable, leaving the possibility of an eventual solution a matter of almost infinite uncertainty. The intractability of the disputes is rooted in their […]

East Asia’s On/Off Switch

In 2009 and the first half of 2010, low interest rates and an uncertain global outlook led to strong, volatile capital inflows into some of Asia’s most promising economies. Policymakers in these places—which include, among others, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia and India—have searched for the best ways to control the on/off switch, to prevent volatility from undermining their economic growth. We examine this trend in a recent analysis, available to RGE clients, which surveys the measures implemented in each of the countries noted above.

Thailand’s Ex-PM Thaksin Traveling Too Close for Comfort?

The only Thailand Prime Minister to serve out a full term, Thaksin Shinawatra was ousted by the Thai military in 2006, and since then has been traveling the world as a man without a country.  Sentenced to two year prison term for corruption by Thai Supreme Court, Thaksin has eluded extradition deftly, but recently Thaksin’s increasing stopovers in Cambodia has brought a frown upon the “Land of Smiles.”