Obama on the Verge of Being Handed a Major Defeat on Syria

The Obama Administration is presenting the upcoming Congressional votes on its blank check Authorization to Use Military Force in Syria as justified, irrelevant (since Kerry has asserted that the Administration doesn’t need Congress’ approval can attack even in the face of a no vote), but a done deal nevertheless. None of those claims stand up to scrutiny. […]

Three Scenarios for Syria After a Limited American Strike

“… History says, Don’t hope on this side of the grave…” –Seamus Heaney Mr. Heaney’s words are appropriate for this foul situation. I see nothing to be hopeful about in Syria. Whatever happens, the Syrian people will face further torment. President Obama’s proposed limited air attack on the Assad regime, with no boots on the ground, is the […]

What Next for U.S. Foreign Policy in Egypt?

Around the web, commentators remark upon the latest developments in Egypt, declaring it a lose-lose outcome for the U.S., which risks losing it best regional ally, and of course for the Egyptian people, who find their political scene fractured beyond repair. New York Times columnist Roger Cohen outlines the importance of the so-called Arab Spring: […]

Egypt, Take 3: No End to the Carnage

The Egyptian military had a great opportunity to remake the revolution on 3 July when it overthrew the moribund and definitely failed post-revolutionary Muslim Brotherhood experiment—but it has squandered that opportunity by resorting to sheer violence, and the interim government that has backed it will not recoup from the carnage. As of Sunday morning, at least […]

The ‘Tamarrod’ (Rebellion) Is Planned For June 30

June 30 marks the first anniversary of the presidency of Muhammad Mursi in Egypt. It also will mark what opposition parties are referring to as the “tamarrod,” massive demonstrations demanding new presidential elections. The opposition claims to have collected 15 million signatures demanding that Mursi step down for his efforts to transform Egypt into a […]

Turkish Reforms and Their Social Implications

It has almost been two weeks since Turkish policy attacked the peaceful protesters at Gezi Park in Taksim Square, who were protesting against turning the park into a mall. There has been quite an emphasis on the economic impact of the demonstrations, which I took on at an Hurriyet Daily News (HDN) column and over […]

Syria: When is Enough, Enough? When the Oil becomes ‘Islamized!’

The “cruelty and carnage” in Syria, is how the situation in that country has been described in a rare joint statement by the chiefs of five UN organizations. The statement came accompanied by a plea to the international community to take concrete action and stop the bloodshed. “Enough!” It cried out as fierce fighting continues […]

The Coming Oil War … Against al-Qaeda

A consortium minding security issues for journalists working in hostile territory warned that credible reports revealed a threat to oil installations in Libya. Islamists based in Libya were said to have played a role in deadly January attacks on the In Amenas natural gas facility in eastern Algeria. Those attacks were said to be in […]

Five Concerns About Armed Guards in Schools

“Congress should “act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every single school in this nation” Wayne LaPierre, CEO, National Rifle Assn. (NRA) Shootings in our schools are tragic, and each of us has the urge to “do something,” but I have major concerns about placing armed guards in our schools. […]

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