European Doldrums

European economies are faltering.  The German economy contracted in the second quarter, as did those of France and Italy. Growth in Spain and the Netherlands was not enough to offset the slowdown in the Eurozone’s largest members.  An escalation in the confrontation with Russia would send shockwaves rippling from the Ukraine westwards that world worsen the situation. […]

Some Things to Consider if Spain Leaves the Euro

It might seem almost churlish to wonder what would happen if Spain were to leave the euro. The official European position is that the battle of the euro has been pretty much won, and anyone who argues otherwise will be accused of being a euro hater, an Anglo-Saxon or, even worse, a writer for theFinancial […]

Spain: The Market’s Darling

We argue that part of the euro’s rise over the past several months reflects a reassessment of Spain’s outlook.  Many global investors had been under-weight Europe though most of H1 13, favoring the US and Japanese equities.  However, as the PMIs began indicating an economic recovery, foreign investors moved back into Europe. Some hedge funds […]

Eurozone Sovereign Debt: All Quiet on the Southern Front

After a wild ride in 2011-2012, interest rates have settled down on European sovereign debt. For now. Yields on long-term government bonds, Jan 2009 to Nov 2013. Data source: Eurostat. Greek yields fell sharply following the PSI agreement in March 2012, a de facto default that ended up reducing the value of Greek’s debt by 20%. But as […]

The Iberian County

This article explains why Portugal has become the Iberian County instead of the Iberian Country. Catalonia will reach the same status if it were to become independent, myopically speaking. In an increasingly interconnected World, where an unstoppable China in an emerging Asia remains the emerging superpower, and the United States is resisting to let go […]

‘Typical Spanglish’

The expression “Typical Spanish” is often used by foreigners to confirm stereotypes (both positive and negative) about Spain and Spaniards. As of 2012, there were almost 400,000 Britons living in Spain. Spain should learn more from Britain and the United States when it comes to work, education, ethics and discipline. The country would then not […]

What We Can Learn From the Basque Country

This article explains what Portugal and Spain can learn from the Basque. The Basque Country is one of Spain’s 17 Autonomous Communities in the current territorial arrangement negotiated in Spain in the aftermath of Francisco Franco Bahamonde’s death on 20 November 1975. Franco was the fascist Dictator who ruled Spain between 1939 and 1975. The […]

We Need Ortega y Gasset Back

José Ortega y Gasset is Spain’s best known philosopher and one of the best philosophers of the twentieth century. This article explains through the review of six of Ortega y Gasset’s essays, the relevance still today of his analysis of Spanish society during his lifetime, his identification of the evils of the Spanish character and […]


This article explains why “España va bien… ho-dee-da”. It was former Premier José María Aznar who made the motto “España va bien” (Spain is on the move) popular in his first mandate between 1996 to 2000. Spain’s real estate bubble had only started and Spaniards welcomed a new right-wing government after the corruption excesses of […]

How to Fix Spain’s Educational Fiasco

This article explains what for many readers would be quite an extravagant proposal: to bring One Hundred Thousand Indian Engineers to Spain and then Portugal on five year shifts to teach Math and Science in High Schools throughout the territory. For this purpose it is proposed that Spain’s three largest Universidades Politécnicas (Catalunya, Madrid and […]

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