India Growth Story – A 9% Growth Miracle that Was Never Meant to Be

  We believe that expectation of India’s (a dirigisme economy) growth miracle (9% plus rate of growth) is quite far-fetched. We, link this to the failure of the institution of parliament and judiciary in India. As India’s electorates continues to come up with fractured mandate with every passing election, there are increasing instances of criminalization […]

Arresting Regulatory Failure in the Financial System

This is not the best of times for global finance. The world economy has been under severe stress following the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in September 2008. The fall of the mighty investment bank was a big blow to the global financial system leading to arguably the worst economic crisis since the great depression of […]

Pakistan: Hostile and Disliked

The Pew research organization (see, from which these data are taken), conducted public opinion polls in 20 countries, including Pakistan, in the spring of 2012. Using a Pakistani polling company, more than a thousand Pakistanis across the country were interviewed by Pakistanis. The results are startling. Pakistani views of the U.S. are overwhelmingly negative. […]

India on a Roll?

On Monday (7th May), India’s Finance Minister tried to undo the damage that his budget, presented in early March, had caused on investor sentiment towards India. More specifically, retrospective amendments to Indian tax laws and the implementation of General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR) sowed confusion and led to heartburn. It was not so much that the […]

India: Treaties that Gave Away the Store

As India grapples with the Vodafone and 2G fallout, the Bilateral Investment Treaties it signed a few years ago are coming back to haunt it. On April 17, British telecom giant Vodafone issued a notice of dispute to the Indian government, as a first step towards launching investment arbitration proceedings under the India-Netherlands Bilateral Investment […]