Trade and Jobs: Why the Protectionist Cure Could be Worse Than the Globalization Disease

Trade and Jobs: Why the Protectionist Cure Could be Worse Than the Globalization Disease

photo: Steven Straiton Dramatic promises to restrict international trade were a signature element of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. So far, he seems to be following through, with an early reaffirmation of his intent to withdraw US participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). An aggressive stance on trade played a key role in gaining the support of […]

Six puzzles of the Turkish economy

I have been burning a lot of brain cells of late on six puzzles of the Turkish economy. I have already made some way into solving some of them, while I am still baffled by others. I will simply state them today, with the hope of sharing my answers over the course of the next […]

Chinese SMEs Gaining Momentum

With the decisive support of Beijing’s leadership, China’s economic reforms are spreading to one of the most critical sectors of employment – the small-and-medium size enterprises (SMEs). China is not known for its resilient small-and-medium-size enterprises (SMEs), as of yet. And still, in August, the SMEs’ PMI figure, which serves as an important indicator of […]

U.S. Port Strike Threat Highlights Supply Chain Risk

One issue we’ve raise over the year is the ways that the corporate fetish for offshoring and outsourcing greatly increases business risk. Even when savings are realized (and as we’ve discussed, in many cases, the main result is a transfer from factory/lower level workers to managers and executives), they are seldom weighed properly against the […]

Great Graphic: Brazil Giving Up Another Goal?

Many Brazilians are loath to see their rival Argentina win the World Cup at the Maracana on Sunday. However, as this Great Graphic from theFinancial Times beyondbrics blog, shows, Brazil is falling behind another regional rival, Mexico, in auto output. Mexico’s auto output in H1 was 1.60 mln units, while Brazil produced 1.57 mln vehicles.    Although Mexico’s lead […]

U.S.: Manufacturing Employment Signals Economic Growth

It’s widely recognized that the manufacturing sector is highly sensitive to the business cycle. Employment trends in this corner tend to react earlier to macro distress compared with payrolls generally. As a result, monitoring this slice of the labor market offers a valuable benchmark for evaluating the macro trend. The good news is that these […]

U.S. Retail Sales Rebound With a Roar in March

Retail sales increased sharply in March, rising 1.1%, the best monthly gain in well over a year. The news brings another clue for thinking that the recent economic slowdown was a temporary affair related to the weather. Indeed, today’s report also revived the year-over-year trend in retail spending. For the moment, March is shaping up as […]

U.S. Industrial Production Contracts in January

Another economic report, another disappointing number. Industrial production in January slumped 0.3% from the previous month, delivering the first negative monthly comparison since last July. This is the fourth major indicator in recent weeks that’s fallen short of expectations (the latest data on personal income, nonfarm payrolls, and retail sales suffered surprisingly weak monthly changes too). The […]

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