Poland Says Russian Produce Ban Is Payback for Sanctions

By Andy Tully: Warsaw says Russia’s ban on most fruit and vegetable imports from Poland has nothing to do with food safety, as Moscow contends, but is political retaliation for new, tough Western sanctions on Russia, particularly its lucrative oil sector. Alexei Alekseenko, a spokesman for Russia’s Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Service, issued astatement on July 30, a […]

What to Watch in 2013: Eastern Europe/CIS edition

The following inexhaustive list is a companion to last week’s post on things to watch in MENA and our recently published outlooks. In general our regional outlook, like our global one, has become brighter on the margins but emphasizes the divergence in growth across the region and across emerging and frontier markets. We’ll be treating […]

The Shining Star of Europe?

Fareed Zakaria points us to what may be the shinning star of Europe: [P]erhaps the biggest reason for poverty-stricken nations like Egypt to pay close attention to Poland is that it is a very rare breed in today’s world, especially in Europe. Poland has a strong economy – the sixth biggest in the European Union […]

Poland: Don’t Confuse the Consequences with the Causes

Though The Economist correctly emphasizes that Poland’s ability to avoid recession in 2009 “stems partly from history and geography”, it is quite wrong when it claims there was “a classic Keynesian response to the downturn” (Few woes in Warsaw, April 28th). It’s a fact that there are big budget deficits (7.3% in 2009 and 7.9% last year), […]