A Putt Made, a Putt Missed

At “A Dash” we often find that examples from the world of sports can help investors understand crucial concepts.  One such concept, abstract and elusive, is “the counterfactual situation.”  This describes what would have happened if a specific event or decision had not taken place.  Take the recent British Open golf championship as an example.  […]

The Recovery Edges Forward

Data flow continues to support those who argue that if the recession is not already over as of July, it soon will be.  The July jobs report – while not exactly cheery news for those still losing their jobs – is another clear indicator that the employment picture is turning.  Still, excitement over the end […]

Is a Jobless Recovery Your Best Friend?

Never underestimate the power of money.  Especially lots of money coming on top of a cyclical recovery that is almost textbook at least as far as the timing is concerned.  To be sure, you can question the sustainability of the recovery, the breadth or health of the recovery, the nature of job growth.  I have […]

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