Building the Future: Jobs, Growth, and Fairness in the Arab World

By Christine Lagarde: Returning from Amman, where we just wrapped up aconference on the future of the Arab countries in transition, I am truly energized by the optimistic spirit that I encountered. Following on the heels of my visit to Morocco, it was an extraordinary couple of days of better understanding the people and the challenges they confront in this […]

Iran Says OPEC Needs to Make Room For Its Oil

Iran’s oil output is moving away from a 20-month high reached earlier this year. Nevertheless, with OPEC expecting growing demand for its crude, Iran says it’s ready to make its presence known on the international oil stage. Iran is serious about achieving a position on the international stage that’s reflective of its reserve potential, the […]

OPEC Questions Sustainability of North American Oil Boom

OPEC Secretary-General Abdalla el-Badri said oil supplies from North America “will play an important role in the coming few years,” but he cast doubt on their sustainability over the long term. Speaking May 15 in Moscow, el-Badri acknowledged that oil supply from producers outside of OPEC are expected to increase by more than 4 million barrels per […]

IMF in MENA: Strengthening the Middle in Morocco

By Christine Lagarde—Managing Director, IMF: Earlier this week, the first stop on my Middle East and North Africa trip was Morocco, which displayed its legendary hospitality and kindness. Located at the crossroads of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, the country holds so much promise as a dynamic hub for the region. Morocco has remained a […]

Arab Economic Transformation Amid Political Transitions

By Masood Ahmed (version in عربي) The International Monetary Fund released today a new paper entitled “Toward New Horizons—Arab Economic Transformation amid Political Transitions.” The paper makes the case for the urgency of launching economic policy reforms, beyond short-term macroeconomic management, to support economic stability and stronger, job-creating economic growth in the Arab Countries in Transition—Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, […]

If China Sneezes, Africa Can Now Catch a Cold

By Paulo Drummond and Estelle Xue Liu Growing links with China have supported economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa. But the burgeoning commercial and financial ties between the developing subcontinent and the world’s second-biggest economy carry risks as well. These links also expose sub-Saharan African countries to potentially negative spillovers from China if the Asian giant’s growth slows or […]

New Risks to Nigeria’s Growth Promise

Only a year ago, Nigeria’s BRIC future still seemed reachable. Today, domestic threats are increasing, while the international environment is far more challenging. A decade ago, Goldman Sachs’s BRIC analysts included Nigeria among the potential BRIC successor economies. A few years later, the government released its transformation agenda, aimed at making Nigeria one of the […]

Iran Reveals Details on New Contracts With IOCs

Iran announced new details on how it will design contracts with international companies seeking to develop Iranian oil and gas reserves, according to Bloomberg. At a conference in Tehran, Iranian officials stated that they will provide incentives for companies developing riskier fields in an effort to lift production. Iran appears to be planning for the eventual […]