USA and Argentina – Alan Beattie’s Response II

In response to Eugenio Diaz-Bonilla’s post: It’s slightly surreal to keep debating someone who chooses to restrict his reading to a version of my argument that had to be truncated by the demands of journalism rather than looking at the full one. But here goes anyway: – Your points 1, 2 and 5: The Argentine […]

Argentina: Proposed Liability Management Initiatives Welcome by Markets but Steady Fiscal Deterioration Sets a Floor for Debt Spreads

Argentine bonds have rallied in recent weeks lifted by a favorable global market context and increased talk about potential liability management initiatives. The latter could include a swap of CPI-linked debt, a reopening of the debt exchange for holdout creditors, the payment of debt due to the Paris Club, an agreement with the IMF and […]

USA, Argentina and Alan Beattie: Wrong Starting Point. Act II

I appreciate that Alan Beattie took time to comment on my blog.  He mentions that he does not find my critique of the book very convincing.  It is clear from my blog that I was referring to the article (  When I read the article I was disappointed and decided not to buy the book.  […]

USA, Argentina and Alan Beattie: Wrong Starting Point

I was intrigued by the early announcements of Alan Beattie’s book ‘False Economy: A Surprising Economic History of the World.’   So I read with interest his shorter piece summarizing the opening chapter of the book that presents his interpretation of the history of USA and Argentina (“Argentina: The superpower that never was” May 23 2009, […]

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