Mexico as a Global Player

Last week, Foreign Affairs hosted a full day conference on Mexico, to talk about the country as a regional and global player. Panel topics included U.S.-Mexico cooperation, bilateral trade, regional immigration, and Mexico’s social inclusion and education system. You can find the full agenda here. The video starts with an introduction from Gideon Rose, the editor of Foreign Affairs, […]

Problems at Petrobras Mount as Brazil’s Oil Production Stagnates

By Nick Cunningham: For the past 30 years or so, Brazil has increased its oil production every year. Brazil’s state-owned oil company, Petrobras, has become a world class producer of offshore drilling technology, which puts it in a good position for the future, as oil comes from increasingly difficult places to reach. In the 1980s, […]

Mexico Proposes Energy Rules to Attract Investment

By Nick Cunningham: The Mexican government has released its much-anticipated new rules on its oil sector, putting some meat on the bones of major energy reforms it announced last year. The rules appear to be crafted with the intention of attracting quick investment from international oil companies, according to the Wall Street Journal. Mexican President Enrique […]

Brazil Issues Fracking Regulations

By James Burgess: Brazilian regulators have put in place rules to govern the use of hydraulic fracturing. The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) said in a statement that fracking must not harm the environment and announced that it has issued several new regulations to ensure groundwater sources are protected. For example, fracking will not be allowed within 200 meters […]

Reduced Speed, Rising Challenges: IMF Outlook for Latin America and the Caribbean

By Alejandro Werner The prospects for global growth have brightened in recent months, led by a stronger recovery in the advanced economies. Yet in Latin America and the Caribbean, growth will probably continue to slow, although some countries will do better than others. We analyze the challenges facing the region in our latest Regional Economic Outlook and discuss […]

Bitter Irony in Venezuela’s Oil Sector

In a bid to show members of Venezuelan society the age of Chavismo was alive and well, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro decided to rename one of the largest oil fields in the world after his mentor and former President Hugo Chavez. The Maduro administration might not last the year, however, suggesting the former president’s legacy […]

The Outlook for Latin America and the Caribbean in 2014

By Alejandro Werner—Director of the IMF’s Western Hemisphere Department (Version in Español) Looking to the year ahead, how do we see the global economic landscape, and what will this mean for our region? This question is especially on people’s minds today, given the risks of deflation in advanced economies and of sustained turbulence in emerging markets. Despite […]

Venezuela’s Maduro Throws the Cargo Overboard After Taking a Poisonous Lesson From the Shah

The book of Jonah tells of ancient sailors threatened by a mysterious and terrible storm. In desperation, they throw their precious cargo into the sea in hopes of somehow saving their vessel. Time and again this same type of panic has likewise gripped those in positions of national leadership and time and again they have […]

Ecuador’s Performance Challenges Perceptions About Leftist LatAm Governments

The Wall Street Journal has written it’s latest “just so” article about how leftist Latin American leaders (Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela) are bad and rightist Latin American leaders (Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru) are wonderful.  It quotes favorably this dismissal of progressive leaders. “’We set out to create the Pacific Alliance because we wanted to set ourselves apart from […]