The U.S. Is at War: Also with Iran

Defining a war, in a traditional sense – uniformed soldiers, helicopters, artillery, tanks – means that the U.S. is still very much at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. But defining wars in a different sense – Clausewitz’s, “the continuation of politics by other means” – increases the number of U.S. wars. The U.S. continues to […]

Secularism Is Out; Islam Is In

Make no mistake. The “new” Middle East will be far more “Islamic” than it has been recently. The new regimes of the region will take many different forms. Egypt may yet become a functioning democracy “supervised” by the military. Tunisia may be a business/military elite dominated state. Libya and Yemen may take still different forms with tribal leaders the real power behind the titular ruler. But whatever forms they take, Islam will be ascendant.

Iran Will have the Bomb in 5 Years (Again)

Summary:  We see another round of news about Iran getting the bomb.  Just as they would have the bomb in a few years — ever since 1992.  Of course, all these threats to bomb Iran probably only increase their interest in getting the bomb.  A perfect example of American geopolitical strategy, ensuring what we’re trying to prevent.

Update: War Watch – Iran

Summary:  The wardrums continue to beat, building support for a US attack on Iran.  This is a status report, with at the end some excellent links to further information. The battle continues hot and heavy, as factions in Washington strive to shape the US citizenry’s view of Iran.  Leaks and lies, authoritative statements and rumors.  […]