Watch the Bounce

Last week saw markets around the world hit turbulence, as concerns over European nations, and indeed, even the survival of the Euro, escalated. One of our long term themes is that during an economic crisis, we find out who the Faux Capitalists are and who truly believes in Free markets. Like atheists in foxholes, the […]

Weighing the Week Ahead: How Likely Is a Recession?

A basic lesson on getting attention is how to frame the question.  If you are interviewing a corporate executive you can ask either: A)  How is your business doing?  Do you see any need to expand?  Are you changing the size of your work force? B)  Do you think we are in a recession? If […]

Bianco on Earnings Volatility and Recession

Economists are telling us that the economy is decelerating rather quickly. What does that mean for stocks, in either a recession or no-recession scenario? Jim Bianco was on Bloomberg Television yesterday with some insightful comments about stock valuations and economic cycles. Bianco told Bloomberg that he believes the likelihood of recession in the US is […]

Weighing the Week Ahead: Thinking about 9/11

I’m sure that readers of “A Dash” have watched some of the ceremonies commemorating the events of 9/11, and some have probably participated.  It is a time to remember our losses and pay respects.  We have all also read retrospective pieces about how things have changed in the last ten years. Perhaps the only common […]

Weighing the Week Ahead: Here Comes the Government!

Last week was all about data.  Next week will be about government, in the US and around the world. Get ready for an avalanche of speeches — from assorted Fed members, the debate of the GOP candidates, and the President. It will be a busy week for Europe’s governments as well.  Traders must try to […]

Weighing the Week Ahead: A Deluge of Data

Last week was all about headlines and the Fed’s Jackson Hole speechmaking.  This week will be quite different.  There is a data deluge, culminating in Friday’s employment situation report. Everyone has low expectations for this week’s economic news.   So do I.  An already sluggish economic recovery was thrown off course by the earthquake and tsunami […]

Is the S&P500 Cheap?

I was somewhat surprised by a Bloomberg article discussing how cheap the S&P is (mentioned here this AM). Its not that Bloomie has suddenly become a cheerleader, but rather, this piece reflects the beliefs of a large chunk of classically trained value mutual fund managers. Here’s a Bloomberg excerpt: “At 1,176.80, the S&P 500 is […]

Weighing the Week Ahead: Good News from Jackson Hole?

Many have high hopes for this Friday’s speech from Fed Chair Ben Bernanke.  Everyone remembers the market reaction after last year’s Jackson Hole speech.  Some believe that we are about to see a replay.  In CNBC’s monthly survey of “market pros” there is now an expectation of QE 3.  There are many other interesting findings […]

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